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I had referred a close relative to Dr Nupur for Gynecological services. This is what she had to say, “Dr Nupur is not just a very good Gynecologist but also a great human being committed to the well being of her patients. She is very open to taking up new initiatives to support people in their preparenting journey as well as their well being. Really appreciate her considerate and compassionate approach towards her clients and associates. She keeps on organising various kinds of events and one to one activities at her clinic to spread awareness on holistic wellness”. Dr Nupur also introduced me to the Preventive Health checkup team at Paras Hospitals and as a result my checkup was done not just professionally but with personal touch and warmth added to it. I would be glad to recommend Dr Nupur’s Gynecological services to any female friend/relative or acquaintance anytime and would also recommend her for high risk pregnancy cases for which she has developed a strong professional reputation
Dr Amit Nagpal (Professional Inspirational Storyteller)

Dr Nupur is not just a very good gynecologist but also a great human being who is committed to the well being of her patients. She is very open to taking up new initiatives to support people in their pre-parenting journey as well as their well-being. Really appreciate her considerate and compassionate approach towards her clients and associates. She keeps on organizing various kinds of events and one-to-one sessions at her clinic to spread awareness on holistic wellness
Preeti Subberwal (Holistic Pregnancy Coach)

I Mrs Sarita Pratap, as Centre Head, Miracles, Gurgaon would like to recommend Dr Nupur Gupta for her professional and clinical skills and her ability to make a difficult diagnosis. She is also attentive and very caring towards her clients during their appointments and always takes time to listen to their concerns. She is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate as well. She has not only taken special care of my close relatives and friends whenever in need but goes an extra step forward to help. So, I will never hesitate in suggesting her name as a competent and skilled person to anyone of my contacts.
Sarita Pratap (Head of Administration at Miracles Mediclinic)

I am immensely pleased to recommend Dr. Nupur Gupta. She is exceptionally hard working, enthsiastic, sincere, very methodical and an expert in her field. Her patients have a high regard for her superb expertise and great inter personal skills. Being her marketing consultant and patient too , I would say she excels in whatever she aims for. She would be a great asset to anyone hiring her services.
Shweta Mahnot (Independent Management Consultant)

Thanks Dr. Nupur for always being there for a help. You are my Go To person for any kind of women related problems for family or my friends. I truly admire your persona and the warmth which you carry around you.
Apurva Sharma (Owner Life in Colors)

I meet Dr. Gupta in almost every meeting of Women Energizers(WE) and I have always experienced meeting her to be a pleasant experience. Her tips on the facebook page (www.facebook.com/nupurwellwoman) have always given me guidance. Being a busy doctor it is worth appreciating the fact that Dr. Gupta takes out time for us to keep us updated with tips on women's health issues. Her website, www.wellwomanclinic.in also has a lot of information.
Sangeeta Mahajan (Getting easy.com)

You area gem of a person...there have been infinite such instances when you have generously helped patients. This helps us keep our faith on humanity and the medical profession which is fast loosing values. Cheers! Wish you great luck in future.
Gunjan Bansal (Social Media Freelancer)

She is the right soul, the right human, the right heart and an intelligent woman who knows her work well. Will keep recommending you... All the best to you and the faith you have bestowed.
Ila Prakash Singh (Founder Truffle Tangles)

I feel honored to recommend Dr. Nupur Gupta, with whom I have worked for last the 4 months, as a Research Assistant in her organization at Well Woman Clinic, Gurgaon. Under her guidance, I had a chance to improve my knowledge related to clinical research, social media online healthcare content marketing and education, and also learnt how to manage Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Dr. Nupur Gupta has a great potential to innovate and improve the quality of life of people who work with her. I am sure that people, who get an opportunity to work with her, can work in any corporate organization. She trained me very well, without thinking that I might leave one day. I am very grateful to Dr. Nupur Gupta that I got placement in one Multinational Company, as she helped me improve my communication skills, self confidence and knowledge. She provided me a reason and platform to work harder and understand my abilities which made me a more confident person; failure was not a choice. She listened to my feedbacks and suggestions and made a perfect environment to work despite my weaknesses. This is what is a true leadership quality.
Amit Yadav (Medical Coder at e4e Healthcare Services)

Dr. Nupur is a very kind lady and knowledgeable doctor. She has helped me for my research on international medical tourism for foreign patients visiting India. She has been kind enough to share her patient experiences traveling to India from different parts of the world for treatment. Her foreign patients have also endorsed her for good quality care, zero waiting time, surgical competence and maintaining privacy and confidentiality. She has been very courteous as well as dedicated to her job. I am sure she will contribute a lot to the society for the noble cause. I wish her all the best.
Arpita Agarwal (Asstt. Professor at SMU, Bengaluru, India)

She is my mentor in clinical trials. She is one of the best mentor I ever got. She is very organized and dedicated towards her work. She always inspires me to do something innovative. Thanks for supporting me Mam.
Sonal Singh (Regulatory Specialist at INC Research)

Dr. Nupur Gupta is certainly a recognized gynecologist surgeon. She doesn't only hold expertise in her profession as a doctor but also she has all the attributes that entitle her as being a Great Entrepreneur. She had been cooperative each time for understanding the short project timelines. She proved to be highly integrated and always fulfilled her commitments. My clients were happy & satisfied with her advise on setting up of Maternal & Care Centers. Infollion is glad to have you as Expert and hope our association goes on like this forever. She will definitely continue to excel in all areas of life. Wish her good luck! It's a pleasure to work with you Mam!
Isha Kukreja (Client Account Manager at Infollion Research Services Pvt. Ltd.)

Dr. Nupur has immense knowledge and expertise in Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy. Her numerous publication in various International Journals explains her expertise in the field of Gynaecology. She has rendered her knowledge in various International Symposia, conferences and meetings. I had the pleasure to interview her for gaining insights regarding operative hysteroscopy and she generously shared her knowledge and experience with me.
Indu Vijaya Pillai (Associate Analyst at DMV Business & Market Research Pvt. Ltd.)

A sincere thanks to all of you and a special thanks to Dr. Nupur Gupta . My Sister in law (32 weeks pregnant) delivered a healthy low weight baby boy. Baby is healthy with 1.5kgs of weight. Very tiny and cute , admitted in nursery though and under observation. Thank you all once again for being responsive at the most crucial time. Thank you Dr. Nupur Gupta! Without your valuable advise, we would have taken worst decisions at such crucial time. Thanks a lot for your time on phone.
Somanshu Sharma Bodani (Gurgaon Moms)

A great doctor, frank in nature and really understanding.
Monica Singh (Pharmacy Student)

I have been a patient of Dr. Gupta. I found her professionally very good and knows her field well. I felt I was in safe hands.
Tanvi Gupta (Consultant at Technopak Advisors)