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TI had a great experience with Dr Nupur’s team. The Antenatal classes conducted at the hospital were really helpful. Breathing exercises taught by Minakshi Saxena were really helpful. Had I not practiced these exercises beforehand, it would have been very difficult phase of labour. Yoga and breathing exercises made my labour less stressful. The active labour team, especially of Globe Bonitas; Urmilla, Lissa was great, and Neetu-our allotted nanny was really caring. Thanks to Hema for all operations support. Thanks to Dr Monika and especially Dr Nupur Gupta for making my pregnancy a smooth journey, all this could not have been possible without your support.
Divya Puri (Corporate Professional)

Sincerely thankful to Dr Nupur Gupta, I think she is a very good Consultant for normal delivery. Words can’t express the gratitude and sincere appreciation. Initially we started treatment from Dr Promilia Malik. She is very famous doctor but as per my friend, Mr Prateek’s feedback Dr Nupur is very calm and famous for normal delivery. It was very difficult to choose from Dr Nupur and Promila Malik. But in second visit with Dr Nupur, we were sure we will continue treatment with Dr Nupur Gupta. Thank you so much Dr Nupur Gupta and Paras hospital.
Anita Singh (Homemaker)

25th October 2015 was the day I delivered my baby boy. Choosing Dr Nupur Gupta as my Obstetrician was undoubtedly the best decision of my pregnancy journey. I came to her when I was five months pregnant unsure of what is best for me. She guided me and provided constant support and encouragement for a natural childbirth. In her, I have found not just a Gynecologist but a mentor, an expert counselor, motivator and a wonderful human being. She has always been available and approachable for any small query / doubt at any point of time. Her timely responses to our messages are something I can never forget. She created a whatsapp chat group comprising of expert from yoga, nutrition and pregnancy coach and helped the expecting moms in the wonderful journey through her guidance, informative articles and responses to our queries. My labour pains happened in odd hours. Dr Nupur ensured she reached the hospital in time and co ordinate with the staff and provided me encouragement through her warmth and presence. Her focus and encouragement for a natural childbirth through disciplined pregnancy regime, yoga and breathing techniques is excellent. There are many life style positive changes that I have picked from my association with her which will help me throughout my life. Me and my family are indebted to Dr Nupur Gupta for enabling us to get our God’s gift in the best possible way.
Ivy Choudhary (Homemaker)

Selecting Dr. Nupur Gupta as my Gynecologist two years ago was one of my best life decisions. She and her compassionate and knowledgeable outlook helped me maintain my health with a holistic approach. She gave me the unparalleled joy of motherhood With my experience, I believe that she is the best Gynecologist in Gurgaon as her approach with clients is very much personalized. She has been caring and her management is well sought and planned. Due to her clinical expertise and helping attitude, I have been recommending her to my friends and relatives as well. She truly is a superb physician and surgeon with amazing professionalism. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.
Priyatama Srivastava (Chief Nutritionist,Go Moringa Nutri Diet & Food Clinic)

Well Woman Clinic and Staff, I am writing this letter to thank Dr. Nupur Gupta for the wonderful service I received at Well Woman Clinic throughout my pregnancy for which we were waiting since last 10 years. My pregnancy had many surprising turns, at the beginning with bouts of spotting and sign of funneling-that was timely fixed with Cervical Cerclage . Although these complications worried me, I was always reassured by my husband and friends that I was under the best of care with Well Woman Clinic. There were many times I called the office or on-call Dr. Nupur Gupta with questions or concerns, and my issues were always addressed in a timely and caring manner. I never felt like my concerns were dismissed, but always felt reassured by the thoroughness of Dr. Nupur Gupta’s knowledge. Last minute or 'problem' appointments were scheduled at a last minutes notice several times, with the office being very flexible and understanding of my schedule. Every office visit (and we all know I had many) I was greeted with a smile . When it was finally time for the delivery of Baby, I had a sense of calm because I had complete confidence in Dr. Nupur Gupta’s skills. Her ability to deliver a baby while showing complete compassion and kindness to mother and baby is remarkable. It's a day my husband and I will never forget. I can't say enough wonderful things about Well Woman Clinic and its staff. They were truly a blessing to us throughout my pregnancy. My Best Wishes to entire team of Dr Nupur Gupta Lots of thanks
Suman & Subodh Kumar (Manager, Shriram City Union Finance)

I have recently been blessed with a baby. I had a very smooth sailing journey of 9 months and a very successful normal delivery. One person that I would like to thank immensely for this is Dr. Nupur. My husband and I have of course been clueless and very anxious about everything as this was our first baby. But Dr. Nupur had been a great support throughout the process. She provided sound medical advice and great moral support. Her medical knowledge is flawless and additionally she is well aware of everything that you need for a successful pregnancy and delivery. She educated us on pregnancy yoga classes, umbilical cord collection, as well as arranged labour session for us. This session prepared us well and came in very handy when I went into labour. I strongly recommend Dr. Nupur.
Chandni Agarwal (Patent Operations at Google)

Natural childbirth was something that I had hoped for but wasn't sure I would be able to do. Dr Nupur was an invaluable part of my birthing experience. I cannot thank her enough. There are really no sufficient words. Had it not been for Dr Nupur, I would have had a different birthing experience from what I had wanted. I am very thankful that she was there during this time with me. I dont deny that labour was painful but when I got hold of my newborn baby, it just vanished. She was available whenever I needed her before, during, and after the birth. Her team members were incredible. She has been friendly, capable, caring, and knows what she does. She cares very much about the mother and the natural birthing process. Thank you for facilitating the most life-altering, intense experience - I mean it very literally & sincerely when I say I could not have done it without you.
Aakriti Arora (Homemaker)

Thanks DrNupur ma'am for providing me the support and guidance throughout my pregnancy. From the first day itself I followed your consultation as I was satisfied with your knowledgeable and perceptive approach of handling my concerns. There were emergency situations when you provided me the immediate guidance and required help. Also your pleasant personality has given me the comfort to visit you even for minor problems. Thanks ma'am, I will always be grateful to you for bringing my child to this World.
Shubhanjali (Software Engineer, Sapient)

We would like to thank Dr Nupur from the bottom of our hearts for all the care and help you extended during the course of pregnancy. Knowing that this was a precious and high risk pregnancy for us, you took all the appropriate steps whcih we are sure were the best under each of the circumstances. Our baby and the family thank you for bringing him safely into this beautiful world and to us, his parents. It is not easy to find the right words from our end to thank you and anyway as such we cant thank you enough. You took good care of the mother and the baby which is why they both are fine now and mother has had a speedy recovery after delivery. Looking forward to meeting you and keeping in contact going forward. Lastly, we now know of a name to refer our friends and family when it come to pregnancy and childbirth.
Anjalika Putambekar (Homemaker)

Dr. Nupur, I am writing this note to thank you for your support and guidance during my pregnancy. On Oct 2 you brought our beautiful angel to this world. From the beginning, I found you to be extremely knowledgeable and conscientious. During the course of my pregnancy, I found your approach towards dealing with medical complications as precise and well composed. I was apprehensive when we moved from Chennai to Gurgaon during my second trimester, but your reassuring smile from beginning till the labor room gave me the confidence to pull it through. I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for precise and conservative management of pregnancy. I wish you all the very best in your career.
Sonal Chaudhary (Corporate Professional)

She has really been very encouraging and understanding. Very good doctor
Sonali Singh (Homemaker)

What else we can say, we are delighted to have the baby in our arms. It was a wonderful experience with Dr Nupur in the hospital. All doctors and staff were very supportive. We don’t have a single complaint. The neatness and cleanness of hospital is very appreciable. All in all it was a wonderful experience and we are especially thankful to Dr Nupur Gupta for the support and care she provided. A big smile & thanks to her. Rohit & Saroj Sinha
Saroj Sinha (Homemaker)

We were on spot of bother when we were suddenly advised by our regular doctor to get my wife (Shraddha Kumari) admitted because of hypertension with pregnancy. There was absolutely no complication earlier. Then we came to Dr Nupur for taking second opinion and we found her very supportive. It was our last minute call to admit my wife under her guidance. The alertness shown by the hospital staff was unbelievable especially by Dr Nupur Gupta. Now we are discharged from the hospital and our baby is also fine though she was born premature. Hope this hospital and Dr Nupur will go to next level because of their staff and care. All the best.
Shraddha & Manjesh Kumar (Homemaker)

We thank to Dr Nupur for taking utmost care and proper medication which resulted for successful delivery. Both mother and baby are in good health. Baby is also recovering and developing fast. I once again thank Dr Nupur for giving good care and attention. We will recommend to our friends and relatives of our experiences with her.
Neelam & Pranab Mathur (Homemaker)

We would like to share our wonderful experience of being parents and it became memorable for both of us just because of your guidance from the day one when we came to know that we are about to enter in parenthood. The best thing in you is that you were approachable each and every instance when it was required. That built our confidence. Today we feel lucky that you supported me till the time of discharge.
Nancy & Vishal Sinha (Corporate Professional)

Excellent treatment, doctors and staff were really motivating which helped me in delivering the baby naturally. Doctors encouraged me the most when I needed it and was losing hope. I really want to thank Dr Nupur for her loving and caring attitude towards me. Overall this was an amazing experience for me and my family and would remember this time till we live!
Seema Rani (Homemaker)

It is easy to choose a good restaurant, hotel or movie. But what about selecting a good doctor? After all this is the person who will take care of a most prized possession, our health. That is why I chose Dr Nupur Gupta. She is very good and caring and delivered by twins. My health is well and I am very happy that she is my Consultant Gynecologist.
Sunita Kumari (Homemaker)

My patient Radha Kamra was admitted for surgery for by Dr Nupur Gupta. The experience with Dr Nupur was very good as she clarified our every doubt, however small it may be before operation and also assured us that there will be no problem. As she suggested we went for surgery and today I am very thankful to Dr Nupur Gupta for her genuine advice on every matter and above all ensuring that I go back home with my wife completely healed and relaxed. I hope she will continue the good work and over again I am thankful for her support not only as a doctor but a friend as well.
Raman Kamra (Astrologer)

I underwent D&C and laparoscopic tubectomy under Dr Nupur’s guidance. I would like to thank her for performing my procedure, where I was able to recover very quickly. I had one day stay and the process was done efficiently. Dr Nupur guided and helped us in getting things done smoothly. I would definitely recommend her to other patients. We are lucky to have come to her for treatment.
Snigda Chukka (Homemaker)

Dr Nupur Gupta is one of the best Doctors. Her behaviour is very good. She is incarnation of God for her patients. She is well known about her profession. May God always be with her. I and my family will always grateful to her.
Sangeeta Singh (Homemaker)