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Contraceptive Counseling

Contraceptive Counseling

At Well Woman Clinic, Gurugram the team believes that contraceptive counseling aids empowerment of women who do not intend to be pregnant and desire a choice in a method of birth control that can be used correctly and consistently over time, thereby reducing the individual chances of an undesired conception.

Dr. Nupur Gupta prioritizes health communication and acknowledges the unique nature of family planning counseling. She recognizes that providing contraceptive counseling is complicated by the fact that the doctor and individual in concern, need to consider the medical issues involved in method selection such as the presence or absence of contraindications to methods and differences in method efficacy and also consider issues that are intensely personal, including relationship influences on contraceptive use, attitudes towards side effects and desire or probably lack of desire for future fertility.

Consideration is given to women visiting Well Woman Clinic, Gurugram as to they should not feel dissatisfied with their experience of counseling, including feeling that they are unable to discuss their concerns and that they receive insufficient information about their options of contraception. Dr. Nupur Gupta communicates about contraceptive efficacy in a meaningful way and proactively engages in conversation around the side effects, duration of action, and privacy.

The woman’s choice of contraception is respected and shared decision making between gynecologist and the couple is the primary objective of contraceptive counseling at the clinic while offering the cafeteria approach [condom, oral contraceptive pills, IUD (intrauterine device), Mirena etc]